I do not think we beings of the human kind can be described. We are so many things yet we are nothing. We are constant change and evolution.

I tend to be a little ball of contradiction. I do know that my inner nature is a day dreaming carefree and overly positive kid with a fascination and liking towards both gothic and hippie cultures. I however deeply despise narrowmindedness, injustice, stereotypes, tags, terms, and boxes.

I left my little island of Mauritius in 2014 to travel the world while taking pictures on a cruise ship. I managed to visit Greece, the one country I never thought I would ever be able to set foot in.

I had the best pasta in Venice, the best tea and gelato in Malta, made friends with an amazing Jamaican woman called Patience-Mary on a Jamaican beach, saw the Parthenon in Athens with my own two eyes, ate the most amazing burrito and did tequila shots in Puerto Rico. I completely fell in love with New Zealand and it’s people, had the best freshly grilled lobster right on the beach in Isle of Pines and had a glimpse of the ‘big city life’ in Sydney and Melbourne.

Looking back on these past years made me believe even more in the law of attraction and the fact that some dreams do actually come true. Probably not how you want them to, or not in the exact same way you daydreamed about them. But in the end you do somehow get what you asked for.

After a whole year of changes, new countries, people and experiences, I finally decided to drop my suitcases, boots and elephant pants in cold, cold England. Here I am, about to embrace the international student tag, and take you along with me on this whole new journey virtual stranger.



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