Nerve Exhibition

What photography is.

It is around this theme that 10 photographers from The Manchester School of Art have produced work. Andrew Munns, Ben Macwhinnie, Catharine Devine, Chloe Bromilow, Polly Palmerini, Shirazee Ahmed, Sian’eve Parkes, Simon Garner, Warren Davies and Audrey Albert have brought their minds, talents, their quirks, and their creativity together to bring you NERVE.

Deconstructing photography, questionning it’s definition and re-inventing it, these 10 creatives will warmly share their vision with you at Caustic Coastal (UNIT 2, Regents Trading Estate, Oldfield Road, M5 4DE) in Salford. Nerve exhibition starts on the 23rd and ends on the 25th of May. The opening night is from 6pm-9pm on the 24th of May and is opened to everyone. If you want to have a good time, enjoy free drinks, free food, nice music whilst looking at thought provoking art and chatting away to interesting people, it is definitely a date you need to save.

Nerve will take you through a sensorial journey, and make you actually feel photography rather than looking at it only. You will dive into image manipulations, sounds, smells, touch, projections and challenging concepts.

Happening on the same night in Caustic Coastal and also currated by photographers from the Manchester School of Art; When Pigs Fly Exhibition and Rendition Exhibition! Make the most of your night and come support your local artists!

For more information about Nerve:
>> Website
>> Instagram
>> Facebook Page



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